g-FleeT provides full Fleet Administration Management. We have fostered relationships with the licensing departments within our National Footprint and we are able to provide seamless processes of renewal of all vehicle licenses annually.

Fuel Management

We provide hassle free Fuel Management through our efficient partners with the ability to provide same time reports on all transactions. We are able to provide exception reports that assist clients to control the scourge of fuel fraud, saving them money and rooting out corruption. Monthly reports are provided to clients.

Fines and Traffic violations

All traffic violations received by g-FleeT are re-routed to the respective client. It is the Transport Managers/ Officers responsibility to hand over the violation to the individual driver. Upon receipt of a traffic infringement notice, g-FleeT will redirect the infringement notice to the Transport Manager/Officer for nomination (with information of offender driver) for payment.

Fines for traffic violations incurred by the involved driver of the government vehicle are the responsibility of the driver and will be paid by the driver.


Through our sophisticated Tracking System clients are able to locate their fleet anywhere. Vehicle trips can be Geo-Fenced on a day to day basis, allowing our clients the ability to plan their trips and route beforehand which aids in saving cost on fuel and maintenance. Vehicle driver identity and driver behavior is monitored through the system giving our clients a better understanding of their drivers and the usability of their vehicles.

Vehicle Disposal

Vehicles are withdrawn and sold at a public auction at the end of their life cycle or when the need to dispose of vehicles arises.

Vehicles are withdrawn due to different reasons such as:

  • Write-offs (Accidents)
  • High life to date
  • When itís uneconomical to repair
  • Cancellation of the contract / Request by the Client
  • When the vehicle has reached its economic life cycle
  • Replacement

Web based fleet management (Fleet Information System)

The Fleet Information System gives a real time analysis of a vehicle or fleet and assists both g-FleeT and clients to maintain, monitor and control the fleet.

There are various reports available on FIS that clients may utilize and find useful such as:

General Vehicle Information Report
Accidents Reports
Asset Verifications
Fuel Cards Reports
Licenses Reports
Maintenance Reports

To access FIS click: