The g-FleeTís Full Maintenance Lease solution incorporates vehicle acquisition, maintenance, disposal and replacement of a vehicle leased for a fixed period and kilometers at a fixed monthly rental charge/ rate. The lease utilization parameters ranges from 12/ 54 000km to 36 months/ 100 000km. However the projected utilization parameters can be selected by the client based on their unique working environment.

Model structure:

  • g-FleeT takes ownership of all permanently allocated vehicles; vehicles are purchased by g-FleeT and leased to clients.
  • When the initial contract expires, a new contract on a new vehicle will be entered into.
  • Penalties will be charged for excess kilometers travelled at the end of the contract term.
  • Rebates will be provided for fewer kilometers travelled.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Fixed monthly payments facilitate easy budgeting
  • Routine administration is removed from the user and handled by g-FleeT
  • The risk of ownership remains with g-FleeT
  • Increase security- tracking and monitoring
  • Improved services due to newer and reliable vehicles
  • Management of maintenance, service and repairs
  • Registration and annual license renewals.
  • Acquisition and disposal of vehicles
  • Centralized management of fleet so that clients can focus on achieving uninterrupted government obligation