Fines management and administration is managed by us for our clients. Fines are redirected through the use of our sophisticated tracking system where we are able to identify the drivers of all vehicles at any point in time. We are able to redirect all fines to the responsible drivers.

Objectives of AARTO

Traffic fines terms of reference used to be on the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA), 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996) and its Regulation administered by the Criminal Procedure Act of 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977). In 1998 Parliament approved the Administration and Adjudication of Road Traffic Offenses (AARTO) Act, No. 46 of 1998 which was to create an act that linked the law enforcement and adjudication processing more effectively and efficiently.

  • To reduce the carnage on our roads.
  • To provide for uniform penalty system.
  • To change driver behavior.
  • To encourage compliance with road traffic rules.
  • To alleviate the burden on the courts.

Violation will be categorized:

  • Traffic offence
  • Minor infringement
  • Major infringement

Demerit points are recorded against the driver:

  • When penalties and fees are paid
  • When you apply to pay in installments
  • When you are convicted in court
  • When an enforcement order is issued

Point system

  • Every person starts with 0 points
  • Maximum permissible number of points is 12
  • Every point exceeding 12 points results in a three-month suspension of the license
  • One point is reduced every three months if no further contraventions occur within the three-month period?
  • A license is cancelled when it has been suspended for the third time
  • It is the responsibility of the transport manager to ensure that all driver licenses are valid.