Accident Management


The following procedures must be followed in the event of a government vehicle being involved in an accident, no matter how trivial and irrespective of whether or not any person or animal or property or another vehicle is involved:
Call a police or traffic officer; if no such officer is available, report the accident as soon as possible, but within 24 hours to the nearest police station;

Supply the name and address of the driver of the government vehicle and the registration number of the vehicle to any other person having reasonable grounds for requesting the information;

In no circumstances must liability be admitted to any person at all or at any time, or any payment offered or made to a third party
In the event of any third party admitting liability; endeavors must be made to obtain a written statement from him/her to that effect;
Should a driver of a vehicle be suspected of being under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs, this fact must be brought to the attention of the police or traffic officer called to the scene of the accident.

The following particulars, which are required for completing the Z181 accident report form, must be obtained as soon as possible, preferably at the accident scene:

- The registration number, make and type of the other vehicle(s).
- The name, address, ID number, home and work telephone numbers of the driver(s) and the owner(s) of the vehicle(s).
- The name of the insurance company/broker with respect to the other vehicle(s)
- Whether the driver acted in his/her own interests or in the interests of the owner of the vehicle.
- The nature and extent of the damage caused to the other vehicle(s) in this particular accident only.
- The name, address, ID number, home and work telephone numbers, estimated age of any passengers and/or pedestrian (s) involved in the 
  accident and of any person(s) killed or injured, as well as the nature and extent of injuries.
- A description of animals and fixed objects involved in the accident.
- The name and address of the owner, in case of animals and also the name and estimated age of any herdsman (men) who tended or drove
  the animals, as well as the nature and extent of injuries and damage.
- The name, address, ID number, home and work telephone numbers of every witness, including the occupants of the other vehicle(s)
- Measurements for the preparation of a sketch of the accident scene


- The driver of the vehicle must complete the Z181 Accident Report that must be signed by the Transport Manager/ Officer.
- A letter on a Departmental letterhead signed by the Transport Manager / Officer.
- A copy of the drivers' ID document.
- A copy of the driver's driversí license.
- A Trip Authority document.
- A detailed sketch plan of the accident scene.
- Hand documentation in to the Accident and Losses Unit at g-FleeT.